The Hive Life by Gabi Boros

The Hive Life

My day starts the same as the rest.
I am not the queen, far from it.
I protect the queen, I am a worker.
I have no love, I have no life.
I have only my duty and job.

My job is to be a slave to the queen.

I must do every order of hers.
I must fight the opposing bees.
I must make sure that our hive is safe.
And I mustn’t think about my own life.

For I don’t have one, not a glimmer.
My life as a worker is bleak and hopeless.

I seek freedom, however.

I want my eternal dreams to be fulfilled.
I want to start a family and live.
But I am bound to the queen bee.
I am stuck to her like honey.

Mark my words though, world.
I will escape the service of the queen.
I will began my ascent to glory.
I will be the first rebel of my kind.

Until the day, I must wait.
I must serve, but there is a new light.
And when that light begins to flash,
I will take flight to the skies.

I will rebel.
I will escape.

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