Andrés Botero is a professional writer with extensive experience in the areas of education and microbiology, although his world

revolves around the literary function where militates with a creative work that focuses on modernist poetry, narrative and stories where reality and imagination mixes. Among his most outstanding achievements are numerous works in Colombian newspapers, some articles to discard, “Memorias del Okapi”, “Estrella Fugaz” and “Literary Entomology”, two published poems

Independently, “The Invisible Forces” and “Olive Eyes.” In addition to these publications, his short story “Las Gemelas”

She was a finalist in the First World Literary Excellence Competition, with her work “Rachel Insectario”, she wants to break orthodox line of narration and explore the symbolic possibilities of images, the subjective perceptions of society

modern, the broad field of spirituality and finally exalt the powerful humanist responsibility that entails

communicate through the written word