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What is haiku poetry?

Haiku stands as a high quality type of Japanese poetry characterized by the juxtaposition of rich images or ideas, this tradition has a long history of about four hundred years, haikus could be about any topic but mostly are about seasons, weather, nature, feelings, and even cities, that is the case for this haiku style poems that I am presenting you in the following pages.

Haiku Series

Haiku Series by Andres Botero

Among those characteristics, traditional haiku presents a –morae- a term used in phonology to determine syllable weight, which in haiku is represented by three lines of 5, 7, 5 (17) respectively. However, haiku these days unlikely follow the syllable weight given room to more innovations, abstract evocations, and flexibility to form.
Many important writers of the haiku tradition had contributed to its development and adaptation to modern life, Matsuo Basho is an example, as a traveler and poet Basho produced an original work, by many considered the most influential in the Japanese literature, some of his followers such as Onitsura, Buson and Isaa departed from his master teachings (naturalistic approach) into haikus on daily life, death, solitude, sadness and compassion. Haiku caught Western attention in the 50s, especially with the literary group denominated the “Beat poets”, which members included: Allen Ginsberg, Jack Kerouac and Gary Snyder, theirs works contributed to established a bridge between Eastern and Western poetry traditions, also as a rebellion’s instrument against classic poetry. New York City Haikus explores shapes, dreams, boroughs, historical landmarks and evocations, these haikus are moving and breathing faster just as the city in which they were inspired. Miami’s Haiku book was inspired by the warm air filled with beach aroma and the wind of sunshine all year round bringing the melodies of happy music. Washington DC Haiku book was inspired by the historic monuments throughout the city and political seasons.

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